How crossfit changed my life  

Around 7 months ago I took my first steps into a crossfit box. Box is what they call the gym. When I first walked in I was intimidated. I saw people climbing ropes, a women pushing a 500+ lb sled. I was amazed. I instantly fell in love. 

I currently go to crossfit 3 times a week. My motto is “I life heavy shit, to let go of heavy shit”. I think it fits… 
Crossfit has really been my outlet throughout my diagnosis and also going through a cancer diagnosis with the little girl I am a nanny for. Crossfit teaches you how far you can push yourself. You lift until you cant lift anymore, you run until your legs give out. Crossfit is a community. It’s a family. It’s my family. 

Although my weight hasnt changed too much in the past 7 months (mostly because I struggle with diet and what works for me) I now have a clear mind-set. I look forward to the next day, workout, or event that I’ll be involved in. 

Crossfit has been my outlet, what’s yours? 


One year. 
One whole year has gone by and I finally have all of my answer’s. Some would say that I am wrong for being happy about having my diagnosis, but others who know the struggle of infertility and severe pelvic pain will understand. I am just happy. I am happy to know that I wasnt wrong, it wasnt all in my head. I’m happy that i can now look forward to the future. I can research and prepare my body for when i am ready to become a mom. Wheather that is going to be through IVF, adoption, suragacy or naturally. One day it will happen and that is all that matters. 

I have officially been diagnosed with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, Adenomyosis & suspected Endometiosis. 
Dr. P has advised that I continue my visanne medication because it has made such a big difference in my life and what my body is capable of doing. The other option was an IUD. I’ve been on so many different types of birthcontrol that I decided to pass on this option because every experience I have had has been a bad one. I’ve been severely nauseous, dizzy, insane weight gain and menstrual periods for 3-6 months straight. It was terrible. 

I have also started a new anti inflammatory diet (paleo diet) and I have lost 6 pounds in the past 4 days just from cutting out dairy products. 

I will be trying my best to post more.

Stress and the symptoms that come with it. 

This week has been a rough one, and it’s only hump day. Living with endometriosis and pcos is different for everyone. There is a wide range of symptoms that come with it. The one similarity that I would guarentee we have in common is stress. Wheather you are stressed about getting a diagnosis, ovulating, concieving or even about life in general, the symptoms of stress come out in an abundance of ways. Personally I break down. I have anxiety attacks, feel like my world is crashing down, I eat everything in sight and I shut people out. It doesnt take alot for me to get to that point. It could just be a bad day, or a long over worked week and I’m feeling like crap. I find my emotions have always been more on the sensitive side. Now i am not sure if that is because of these health issues that I have or if it is just me, but I do know that I am extremly sensitive and get overwhelmed in the snap of a finger. It’s been a battle of trying to learn how to control my emotions and stress. I’m still learning and haven’t figured it out yet. I do know I enjoy crafting, listening to music and writing in my journal. As of now that is what i am sticking to.  

Here’s to a stress free end of the week 


The doctor is ready for you…

A lot has happened since I was first told that I might possibly have pcos and endometriosis. I’ve had multiple tests done, read as many books and websites as possible. I’ve joined Facebook groups to see others views, which actually just made me scared and upset that I may never live a normal life.
On August 30th I had my first appointment with a gynecologist. There were a stack of papers that i was needed to fill out. I didnt really know what to expect from this appointment. Truthfully I thought that this is just going to be another doctor looks at me and says “lose weight, it’s in your head, and maybe get out for a walk… that will help you.” But he didnt. For once in my life I felt that this doctor was empathetic towards me. He talked me down when i started to get worked up after explaining my issues for the 700th time. I got up on the table and had my physical. He said from what he sees everything looks good. He then looked at me and said Stephanie, listen. We have two options here. Option number one is I give you this medication that is new. It is called visanne. You take one pill everyday. This pill IS NOT a birthcontrol pill, so you need to stay safe and if you do get pregnant you need to come off of them right away. (Pregnancy is not my goal at this moment, I just want answers). If you do choose this option, I’d like to see you take it consistantly for 3 months. If we see improvement in your symptoms we will move on from there depending on what you want to do. Option number two is that we do something called a laproscopy. Basically we go in to your stomach and not know what to expect. We would look around and see if there are any abnormalities. Depending on how extensive the damage is we may need to come back out and reschedule for another day to either burn or extracts the damage that has been done. 

With all of these answers being thrown at me and someone actually believing that there is an issue with my body, I just broke down. I was so happy to be taken seriously for once. The option that I chose was visanne. I decided to go with the medication because it would answer a lot of questions. My symptoms would start to ease up. And that would prove that I do infact have endometriosis. I didnt want to be put under to be told that dont have endometriosis, and have to recover from an unnecessary procedure. 

Fast forward to November 4th. I have been faithfully taking my medication. I have my 3 monthappointment on December 8th 2018. As of today I am feeling great. Most of the pain is gone. Instead of a heavy 8 day period, i have 7 days of spotting without cramps. My ovulation pain has minimised by an insane amount. I am not hunched on the couch crying with a hot water bottle. 

December 8th is going to be a really big day and open doors to what is about to come. Everything seems to be falling into place. 

From the beginning 

When i was 11, AF arrived for the first time. I was horrified. I couldn’t believe how horrible I felt, not just during that time of the month but all month. My mom and sister said that it’s normal but deep down I knew there was an issue there. Years of hospital visits and no answers. When I was 13 i was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Only to find out 11 years later that i was misdiagnosed. I never had this disease so what was seriously wrong with my body? I knew something was but no one believed me. “Its all in your head Steph, your fine” that’s what everyone always said. 

Now I am 24, married and was told that I am not ovulating regularly. Instead my eggs are not fully growing. They die and create cysts inside of my ovaries. I’m feeling emotional, frustrated, confused, defeated and hating everything about myself. I couldn’t understand why my body was not working with me anymore but only working against me. Why cant I lose the 70 pounds I put on in 2 years? 

A couple months after my diagnosis I realized that I am not working with my body. I’ve been reading a lot of books, and educating myself on these health issues. All along my body has been warning me that i am hurting it. Every stomachache after pizza, bloating, acne breakouts, rashes. This was my body sending me warnings. 

I’ve started this blog so that I can look back and observe the progress I am about to make. My goal is to transform my mind, body and soul into what i know it can be. No matter how long it takes. Feel free to follow along, the journey starts now.